Prismic Webhooks

Oct 8, 2020 3 min read

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A Prismic Webhook allow you to automatically or manually trigger a deployment process in Netlify or Vercel if any post is published or unpublished OR for any other events in Prismic.

Prismic Webhooks

Prismic Webhooks

Webhooks are the events that are triggered whenever a change is published on your Prismic repository and the API is updated.

I use Vercel as the example and I guess it might be quite similar for Netlify or any other cloud service.


  • Create a Deploy Hook in Vercel here. For more info, check here
Deploy Hook | Vercel

Deploy Hook | Vercel

Create a Prismic webhook here. For more info, check here.

Prismic Webhook

Prismic Webhook

  • Copy the webhook URL you created in Vercel in the URL field of the Prismic webhook
  • The Secret field is optional in the Prismic webhook. If you set it, Prismic will send the content to your server, so that you can verify that the request is coming from
  • After successful creation of the webhook, you can manually trigger it and can also see the logs.

Prismic Webhook will be triggered automatically based on the triggers you selected when you created the webhook.

Prismic Webhooks

Prismic Webhooks

That's it! If you followed the above steps and successfully created a Prismic webhook, it should trigger the deploy hook which will start the build process in Vercel or any platform where you created the deploy hook.


If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section.

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